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Ensure you are always treated fairly when facing a criminal charge. Our attorney

knows the Georgia justice system and has experience in superior, probate, and juvenile courts. Let us make sure you always get the outcome you deserve when you're charged. From DUI to sexual assault, we will

represent you!

From something as big as a murder charge to something as avoidable as a DUI, M. Faye McCord Attorney has over 25 years of experience in criminal law representation. Get the fair representation and legal assistance you need for all your charges.

Our attorney doesn't judge you for your actions or charges.

Make your criminal case

go more smoothly

Get personal solutions to

all your criminal cases.

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Get fair treatment on

all criminal cases

- Murder and attempted murder

- Manslaughter

- Sexual assault

- Robbery and burglary

- Kidnapping

- Aggravated assault and theft


- Probation

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criminal case representation:

If you are released on probation, know your full rights and limitations. M. Faye McCord Attorney will sit down and work directly with you to ensure you understand exactly what your probation means and requires you to do!

Don't let probation equal more jail time

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